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BIBLIOGRAPHlE LOUSTAL PLG 21 (1977 - April 1986)


Silk-screen printing to limited pull




Nederlandse uitgave White sieve Sonya is says jaar gepland.

January 11 - February 28, 2001
"The States of art of the Comic strip (Loustal....
Museum: FOUNDATION COPRIM: Paris (112, Avenue Kléber - 16th)


TRIBOLO (09/00): illustration color (the 3rd) for a ticket of this luck game (to the scratching) Swiss

BELIN (09/00): illustration color for a manual of French of 2nde and 1st to "Write a news" admonishes 25

Stephen King couverture/covers (09/00): illustration color for the cover of "The Cadillac of Dolan" of Stephen KING

BREAL (09/00): illustration color (resumption) for the cover of one book of French of 2nde

OMNIBUS (08/00): illustrations for 2 news of SIMENON "The customer the more persists of the world and "One doesn't kill the poor types"
Illustration color for the cover and about fifteen ns illustrations & b for the news.

NOTEBOOK Pierre MAC ORLAN "Pictures of the fantastic social" (? /00): illustration original color for the cover (L: 14 / hs: 20,5)

'Black Blues' of Sharon G.FLAKE (ED. DAPPER)

'Courage and patience' of TADJER

SAFE flight. 26 (1st trim. 2000): illustration color (resumption) for the cover of a magazine of a Japanese society of finances

PLACES BRUTUS (03/00): "Room 17", narration of 3 pages, in sepia, for a Japanese magazine of interior decoration,

Op vrijdag 22 september 2000 verschijnt of eerste B-gevaar portfolio. Naar aanleiding sieve deze uitgifte Pellerin signeren, Lloyd, Loustal, Kristiansen in Oosterveer sieve 15u30 early 19u30 in of winkel sieve Het B-Gevaar Brussel in.

Loustal has a collective exposotion in belgique in Arenberg, end August on the théme of the jazz with Ferrandez, Joos. Go see the site:

Musical meetings of summer the  25, August  26 and  27, 2000 in the  Moulin of Arenberg  à Rebecq.
This year, the Festival Arenberg also organizes the  Mini-Festival  of the children. And why take not advantage of your presence in the mill to visit the exhibition on  Le Jazz in BLVD. Drawers of comic strips illustrate
the world of music and the jazz.
Original drawings and works big format of Louis Joos, Jacques of Loustal,
Yves Budin and Ferrandez, and of others again! Accessible exhibition during the whole length of the Musical Meetings of Eté.Dédicaces Saturday afternoon, by Louis Joos and Yves Budin.

Expositie in Gallery Ziggourat: 16 juni - 6 september 2000 Opening op 16 juni.
LOUSTAL "Nus and portraits" Varnishing Friday 16 - June since 18h3O
Exhibition of June 17 to September 6, 2000, Closed of July 21 to August 15!, Loustal will autograph its albums Saturday June 18 of 14 at 16 o'clock.
On the occasion of this exhibition, a silk-screen printing 10 passages colors, pull 90 copies will be proposed you in exclusive rights.

Officiële opening sieve tentoonstelling op vrijdag 16 juni om 18.30 uur.
Expositie sieve 17 juni early 6 september 2000 (wegens vakantie gesloten sieve 21 juli early 15 augustus!) Loustal signeert op zondag 18 juni sieve 14.00 early 16.00 uur. Tijdens of expositie is een exclusieve signeerde zeefdruk, 10 kleuren - druk in oplagen sieve 90 stuks, you koop.
Ziggourat gallery: 34, Rue Dejoncker, 1060 Brussels, telefoon belgie,: 02-5384037 Belgiës / Belgium

Expositie the bookstore Papers Fat 24 juni (June) early (to him) 26 augustus (August) 2000
Loustal "Notebooks of vogages, paintings and illustrations recent" in the bookstore Papers, Geneva, Switzerland,: informatie:

HAARLEM (Netherlands): Loustal present to the Festival BLVD of Haarlem June 03-04

May 2000

EDITIONS OF THE OAK: illustration declined in PLV for works dedicated to gastronomy

VEME BIENNALE OF THE MOVIES ARAB: realization of the poster of the festival of the institute of the World Arab of Paris that will have place beginning July (precisions and picture shortly)

May 2000. Watercolorses: First work of the Collection World in Color this portfolio contains 10 printed plaches in quadrichromie on a paper Centaur White 250 grams. The boards taking penciled them preparatory of some of these watercolorses come with this whole.
He/it has been pulled signed 222 copies of it and has been numbered by Loustal, as well as signed 26 out-trade copies and marked EA of HAS to Z, reserved to the author some to the éditeur.Éditions The Ninth World, Paris. These watercolorses have been created in the setting of the Ivory exhibition, in the Gallery Christian Desbois in the month of June 1999.

'WATERCOLORSES': port-folio (numbered 222 ex. and signed) published by THE COMET OF CARTHAGE. Resumption of 9 watercolorses presented at the time of the exhibition 'IVORY' in June in the Gallery Christian DESBOIS. Fomat 24 x 32 cm - 9 boards color and 2 boards of justifying of pull

Varnishing of the exhibition "No Suicide" May 11, 2000 in the BFM (Building of the driving forces, 1 place of the Volunteers, Geneva, Swisse) of 18h00 to 20h00 in presence of the drawers.
Exhibition in the BFM of the 12 to May 20, 2000.
The authors who participated are: Enki Bilal, Muzo, Vuillemin, Loustal, Alex Baladi, Jean-Claude Götting, Simon, François Avril, Tom Tirabosco, Pierre Wazem, Helge Reumann,,,

13-14/05 in CLERMONT-FERRAND (63): present to the 1st Festival of the Notebook of Journeys where will be exposed the original of the Volume 3 of his/her/its Notebook of Journeys (Doorstep) for which he/it will be Sunday in dedication.

until May 29 to BET (75): exhibition of original boards of 'WHITE SONYA' (Casterman) to the COMET OF CARTHAGE (4, Rue Frédéric Sauton Paris 05) that achieves an ex-libris on occasion.

17/05 to BET (2nd): in dedication Tuesday to 18h00 to the multimedia cultural store EXTRAPOLATES Montmartre (5, Boulevard Montmartre)

May 18 to June 03, 2000 in the GALLERY BFB (BET 09) Exhibition of the original of 'A bigger world' (Folio) and of them 'Letters of a hunter' (Métaillé).
BFB: 4, Rue Crétet 75009 Paris (M° Pigalle or Antwerp) Opened from Tuesday to Saturday of 14 to 19h00

25/05 to BET (5th): in dedication Thursday to 18h00 to the Bookstore of pictures (angle Saint-German Blvd and street St. Jacques)

26-27/05 in SIERRE (Switzerland): present to the Festival of BLVD of Sierre

06-07/05 in SAINT-MALO (22): present to the Festival of the ASTONISHING TRAVELERS


APRIL 2000

29/04 to BET (75): exhibition of original boards of 'WHITE SONYA' (Casterman) to the COMET OF CARTHAGE that achieves to
the opportunity an ex-libris. A session of dedications aura place to 16h00 (*)

Illustration color for the magazine Cruises the Ratique, March 2000. - p.102 - 106: Jacques of Loustal in Greece

15/03 to BET (75003): in dedication at SUPER-HERO for 'WHITE SONYA' (Casterman), that achieves an ex-libris for the album. 175, Rue Saint Martin 75003 BETS (tél: 01 42 74 34 74)White Sonya)

21/03 in MONTREUIL (93): Loustal will be present to the LOUNGE OF THE BOOK
whose Portugal is the country invited 16h00 to 18h00: in dedication to the Doorstep for his/her/its last 'NOTEBOOK OF JOURNEYS' 18h00 to 19h00: debate to the Literary Coffee with Jacques
TARDI and writers Daniel PENNAC and Jérôme CHARYN (respective script writers of the last album of Tardi and Loustal) 20h00 to 22h00: in dedication at Casterman for his/her/its last album 'White Sonya) (*)

22/03 in PESSAC (33): Loustal achieves the poster of the 4èmes Meetings
'ONE TURNS THE PAGES', whose theme will be 'The American literature to the screen.' On the occasion of the exit of 'WHITE SONYA' (Casterman), he/it will be in dedication with the author of the script, writer Jérôme CHARYN (White Sonya) (*)

25/03 to BET (75012): in dedication to 16h00 to the bookstore THE TREE HAS
LETTER on the occasion of the exit of 'WHITE SONYA' (Casterman). A small exhibition of original will also be proposed. 56, Rue Faubourg Saint Antoine Paris 12 (*)

21-3-2000 LOUSTAL and CHARYN in dedication to the lounge of the book 2000 of Paris Tuesday March 21 in nocturne of 19h00 to 20h00. White Sonya)

15-3-2000 White Sonias: Charyn Jérôme - Loustal Jacques Collection: BLVD (TO to Follow) Blvd Measurements: 22.6 x 30.3 cm, counseled 56 pages Prices,: 68 FRANC - 425 FB
19.70 FS - 15.95 $Can.

1-1-2000 New site Loustal about from P.M.J Editions: (fini)

1-1-2000 the official site of Loustal (fini)

21-01 - / 19-02-2000 Loustals expose Itself: Paintings, illustrations, original boards. Exhibition January 21 - February 19, 2000. Gallery Nicole Buck, 4, Street of the Ô-Fevres (2nd - floor) 67000 Strasbourg Tel/faxes (00 33)0388226309 Opened of Tuesday to the screci of 14h.30 have 19h.30.

Jacques of Loustal passes to the French television (The 5°) Monday February 14, 2000 of 08h40 to 09h00 in the broadcast "Makers of pictures."

9th Festival BLVD of LAVAL March 12 and 13, 2000
Organized by the Lavalloise association of the Amateurs of Comic strips
Drawers and present Script writers (subject to confirmation) Jacques LOUSTAL, (Kid Congo - Suns of Night)

BET: On the occasion of the exit of the Volume 3 of NOTEBOOK OF JOURNEYS to the Doorstep, exhibition to the SUPER-HERO bookstore of Tuesday 4 to Saturday January 15, 2000.
You will find there, in Parisian exclusive rights, the Pull of Head. 100 ex. on paper ivory, accompanied by a numbered silk-screen printing and signed (about 500 F).
175, Rue Saint Martin 75003 BETS, of Monday to Saturday of 11H30 to 20H00 Téls: 01 42 74 34 74 faxes: 01 42 74 15 23

11st FESTIVAL OF THE MOVIE OF REINDEER: realization of a poster ‘Travelling Cairo '. Festival of the 10 to January 17, 2000
Loustal cover: Catalog "Travelling Cairo" 10 F
Loustal: Poster 40X60 "Travelling Cairo" 50 F
Loustal: Poster 120X140 "Travelling Cairo" 80 F
Loustal: Post card "Travelling Cairo" 3 F


Illustration color (12 x 12,3) for the file 'SARTRE comes back' The New Observer n° 1836 of the 13 to January 19, 2000

Illustration color hollows "It of the siècle"(16,3 x 16,3) for the n° Special Angoulême ' Liberation, January 27, 2000,



Unusual [drawings of] Loustal

Ivory [drawings of] Loustal

AVANTPORTRAIT" Drawer knowing how to travel" BOOK HEBDO (nr. 362) 17-12-1999 p.106

The Notebooks have Spirals of Loustal p.18 -21 Bachis interview - Bouzouk \ number 6, October 1999,

Portrait: In Cover BLVD" The French touch to the conquest of the world" The express n° 2482 (the Magazine) of January 28 to January 31 99 p. 6

EXHIBITIONS: SAINT-ETIENNE (42): Lounge of the Book of the 23 to October 24, 1999. Loustal will be the President of the Jury of the Price Yves CHALAND

EXHIBITIONS: AMADORA (Portugal): Festival of BLVD October 29-30-31, 1999. On this occasion, exhibition of 35 of his/her/its BLVD boards.
"Between nós estiveram também big nomes da BLVD internacional of that Boucq destacamos, Cosey, Frezzato, Loustal, Pavanelli,. Have big spun nas sessões of autógrafos, numa zoned comercial repleta of fãs, foram representativas do apreço that oh público português têm por estes autores."

EXHIBITIONS: BET: in the setting of the exhibition ‘Palms between sun and ombre'au Garden of the Greenhouses of Auteuil (3, Avenue de la Porte of Auteuil BET 16), temporary exhibition 'Palms on Paper ' of September 10 to October 10, 1999, with the works of various artists, of which 2 silk-screen printing of Loustal, ‘The Swimming pool ' (Ed. Champaka - nov.85) and ‘Rio San Juan ' aquarellée (PMJ Editions).

BET: exhibition 'IVORY' of oils, watercolorses and fixed under glass at Christian DESBOIS (14, avenue of it Buzzed Paris 07) of May 29 to July 4, 1999.

EXHIBITIONS CORK: expo-retrospective of March 5 to May 20, 1999 to the Churchill movies, 20 Street of the Sheep White,

HUY EXHIBITIONS: expo of the 5 to March 27, 1999 to the Cultural Center (tél 085/211206)

EXHIBITIONS Bookstore "The Yellow Mark": expo of the 5 to March 27, 1999 (tél: 04/2235501)

PESSAC (33): 3èmes meetings "One turns the pages" on the theme HISTORY OF LOVE of March 31 to April 6, 1999 in the movies Jean Eustache, with exhibition of silk-screen printing. Loustal achieved the poster and autographed at the time of the evening of inauguration

MILAN: Exhibition to the Gallery Clouds of the original illustrations of the novel of SIMENON "Touriste of Bananas" (Ed.Vertige Graphic)

talkshow 16-04-1999

11st FESTIVAL OF THE MOVIE OF REINDEER: realization of a poster ‘Travelling Cairo '. Festival of the 10 to January 17, 2000

LOTTERY SWISS ROMANDE: Illustration for TRIBOLO, game of scratching,

FNAC (05/99): illustration couleur pour le dossier de sélection Fnac et Jazz Magazine ‘Parcours Saxophone’, couverture dossier (23 x 30) et 2 PLV

WEA: sleeves of CD and cassettes for a new collection on the dance (with a S): java, paso doble, tango,...

COVERS MAGAZINE LIBERAL ARTS N° 90 (January 1999): illustration color (14 x 19,5)

COVERS MAGAZINE France LEISURES SUMMER 99 N° 116 (July August-September 99): illustration color (19 x 24,2)

COVERS MAGAZINE FIGAROSCOPE (10 to March 16, 1999): ‘THE MUSEUMS CONSECRATE THE SPRING ', illustration color (21 x 23), supplement FIGARO N° 16974

The event n°741 14 to January 20 1999 illustration color, p 14,

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE: THE MAGAZINE LITERRAIRE N° 378 (juillet/août 99): illustration color the file ‘Écrire the war: of Homère in Edward Jump '. Illustrations of Cabu, Gots, Mile Hymen, Martin Jame, Loustals, Panchos, Plantus and Tardis.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE: VEIL MAGAZINE (07/99): ‘nocturnal Impression on the Atlantic North, according to the narrations of navigator William BOREL ', illustration color (19,5 x 27,5)


ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE: TEA NEW YORKER (12/04/99): Corneille's ‘The Cid ', at BAM's Majestic Theater, illustration color (8,2 x 9,8)

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE: The edj N° 741 (03/99): illustration color (6,5 x 9)

JAZZ'MAN N° 43 (January 99) 'Guide Jazz in boxes' 9 illustrations n&b. The cover color is also of Loustal (32 x 30)

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE: AOM n° 32 (fév.mars 99): of very beautiful illustrations for the file BETS MUSIC - Jazz on Seine, numerous n illustrations & b

COVERS BOOKS: Naples, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Cesare Battisti, Jean-Jacques Busino, Tito Topin, Carlo Lucarelli.. - Eden Production, 1999,

COVERS BOOKS: TIJUANA, Helen Couturier, Rolo Diez, Mauricio Electorate, Marc Villard. -. - Eden Production, 1999,




COUVERTURES LIVRES Operation Rimbaud, Jacques Godbout.- Ed. du Seuil , 1999




COVERS BOOKS: POR ME EXAMPLE of Fabienne BERTHAUD - Black Stream - 03/99

COVERS BOOKS FRIDAY OR THE WILD LIFE of Michel TOURNIER - Beaver Poaches Flammarion 03/99




COVERS BOOKS: Rica Vida her, Pol-Serge Kakon. - Acts South, 1999,



Tourist of bananas [drawings of] Loustal; [text of] Georges Simenon

Tales of the virgin drill / [drawings of] Loustal; [text of] Horacio Quiroga

Loustal and Goetzingers achieved chacu a post card for the media library of Issy-les-Moulineaux. (199?)

Exhibition "CIUTAT I CÒMIC 10-2 - 31-3 1998 spain

Congo kid: Price of the best script to the festival of Angoulême 1998

"TOURIST OF BANANAS": illustration d'un roman de Georges SIMENON Editions Vertige Graphic

"THE TALES OF THE FÔRET VIRGIN" T1d'Horacio QUIROGA (Ed. Metailié): illustrations

"A ROMANCE" of Jérôme CHARYN in the small collection of 1001 NIGHTS: illustrations

"SUNS OF NIGHT" (Casterman): a book of pictures that presents the paintings and illustrations.

"SUNS OF NIGHT": ex-libris for Without Title (Brussels)

Illustration of the cover and mark page for Marc VILLARD "one day I will be Latin to coil" Ed. The Atalante

Loustal achieved a silk-screen printing of format 50x60 cm and limited to numbered 100 copies & signésen 1998.

"CONGO KID": Dutch edition

of progress: (April 98) "Loustal, from Kid Congo in Zigourat" (interview): Michel Paquot

Theater Jules Verne in Nantes: 6 drawings declined for poster and program

BET: exhibition in the BFB gallery of the original illustrations of the novel of SIMENON "Touriste of Bananas" (Ed.Vertige Graphic).

Comic-Interviews: Untertitel: gezeichnete Interviews

Cover shops: PHOSPHOR N° 206 (July-August 98) illustration color for the cover of the Notebook n° 2 (13,5 x 22)

Cover shops: ADEN (22-28/10/98) 'the Full Monty', 1 illustration color for the guide arts, entertainment and nights distributed with Le Monde n° 16403 and The Inrockuptibleses n° 123

Publication titles: Loustal: JOURNEY IN MEDITERRANEAN, some stopovers in the islands of the sud.Edition: Korinsha Press (Japan) 1998. 63 pages in color, n and b, photos.Dim. : 16X15 cm. ISBN: 4771303282 (not Loustal legaal)

Exhibition: Loustal "The Paths of the night"... paintings and watercolorses. Varnishing Wednesday March 4, 1998 since 18:30 hours; Autograph Thursday March 5 of 16:00 to 18:30 on booking; Exhibition of March 5 to April 12, 1998, of 11:00 at 18:30 o'clock. Ziggourat gallery, 34, Rue Dejoncker, B 1060 Brussels.

DAS MAGAZIN (Germany) 22/05/98 End of century - Gezeichnet Loustal von, 1 illustration color,

EDELWEISS 98 'If he/it pleases you, draw me an edelweiss' 1 illustration n&b (14,5 x 20)


Congo kid [drawings of] Loustal; [text of] Paringaux

Notebook of journeys / [drawings of] Loustal

Notebook of journeys 1991-1996 / [drawings of] Loustal

Suns of night Texts of Paringaux; drawings of Loustal

Jacques of Loustal have the pleasure to announce you the opening of the Web Loustal Tuesday November 1997 25

Park of the Villette 97, the afrique in movies, Loustal poster,

The International Price of the City of Geneva: The first International Price, awarded in 1997, went to Loustal for the album "Kid Congo" on a script of Paringaux

EXHIBITIONS: GENEVA: Building of the Driving forces, until end December. Exhibition of the entirety of the original boards of KID CONGO, on the occasion of his/her/its nomination to the International Price of the city of Geneva,

Title: Price of the City of Geneva for the comic strip 1997: Price Rodolphe Töpffer for the young comic strip genevoise: Baladi, Tom Tirabosco, Wazem; international Price of the City of Geneva: Tardi, Loustal, Laurent Vicomte,: [exhibition of the 2 to December 21, 1997 to the Building of the driving forces (BFM) in Geneva]: [catalog] / [réd.: Manuella Denogent]; [contrib. of: Patrick Gaumer, Philippe Mathonnet]; [ed.:] Department of the business cultural of the City of Geneva: 1997. - 54 p. : ill. ; 30 cm: Cover title: Baladi, Loustal, Tardi, Tirabosco, L. Viscount, Wazem,

EXHIBITIONS: HAMBURG - Museum of eroticism: until end November 97

DAS MAGAZIN (Germany) 04/11/97) illustration color (40 x 26) on a double page

TODAY IN ENGLISH N°78 (08/97) 2 illustrations colors (10 x 15 - 6 x 9)

TV5 12/97 'far from my home' 7 illustrations colors (a 18 x 22 and six 18,5 x12)

Cover shops: PUMPKIN N° 15 (March 1997) 1 illustration color (21 x 29,7) for the file 'to Work to 10ans'

Cover shops (TO to FOLLOW) N° 235 (August 1997) illustration color (22x 29,7) for the beginning of the pre-publication of KID CONGO (Casterman - 1997)

EXHIBITIONS: ABIDJAN: on the occasion of the Fury to Read, of the 17 to November 22, 97 The Fury to Read to Abidjan. Exhibition BLVD around the work of Loustal: lithographs, exhibition on the occasion of the exit of his/her/its last album, meeting with authors of the Ivory Coast of BLVD, shop of writing organized by the KEY (Club of the expression French Readers) and collective writing of a detective novel. Meeting with Jacques Lacarrière and Alain Mergnat on the theme of the journey, and a forum on the professions of the book in presence of booksellers, publishers and librarians of Coast of Ivory. Contact: Michel Jannin - tél: 00 225 21 15 99 - French cultural center - 01 BP 3995 Abidjans 01

BLOIS: festival BLVD the 28-29-30/11/97

Portfolio Tom Waits; with Berthet, Forster, Gotting, Joos, LOUSTAL, Nottet, Warnauts-Raives,. cover of Andreas; offset, 30 x 30 cm. 400ex. numbered and singnes

Two illustration for VOGUE 04/97 'The letter of Jerusalem': 2 illustrations colors (10 x 15 - 7 x10)

ANNABELLA (Duitsland/Allemagne) 08/97: 3 illustrations colors (one of 34 x 24,5 - 2 other of 12,5 x 12,5)

MEGAPRESS N° 17 (06/97) illustrations n&b for the category Journeys of the magazine of VIRGIN

BIG REPORTS N° 185 (June 1997) File Islands of the Mediterranean. 'Dédocanèse: Rhapsody in major blue', 5 illustrations color, 4 illustrations n&b,

I would EVEN SAY MORE N°19 (1997) '245, Rue Sainte Marguerite' 4 pages of illustrations black and white


Java [drawings of] Loustal

Gaby [drawings of] Loustal; [text Core de]Pierre

A romance / Jérôme Charyn; [ill. by] Loustal;

An illustration color for "Broschüre TELEFUNKEN von

BET: exhibition in the gallery Christian Desbois of the illustrations Java originals. 10/4 - 11/5 1996

"Unglücksfälle "Verbrechen und: Talk-show put Kamagurka, Loustal, Mattotti Pfarr und, Luzerner Festival, am 27. April 1996, 14 Uhrs, BOA Covered market, Signierungen anschliessend,

Cover The express 1996

Cover shops:  BLAD (03/96) illustration color (21 x 29,7)

Cover shops: A CERTAIN LOOK (05/96) illustration color for the cover (23 x 30) of the magazine published on the occasion of the 49th Festival of Cannes (May 09-20, 1996)

Cover shops: JAZZ'MAN N° 14 (05/96) illustration color (21 x 29,7)

illustration n&b of the program (19 x 26)

SVM Mac N°77 (10/96) illustration color (18 x 18)

BIG REPORTS N° 171(04/96) 2 illustrations n&b

Jacques of Loustal: Illustrator of "Guides restaurant" Itravel guidebook. France
ISBN: 0050198904


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