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Translation: www.worldlingo.com

The French middle age loafs beginning, Loafs end article Ouyang to be supposed? Jacques Loustal, One loafs middle-aged, Yun Yun France when in the red cartoonist one looks cold and indifferentbe standoffish role. He has not certainly acted any, He originally is this. Road not completely, In the obscure steam has some sign to open the loose American vehicle slow mirror?. The automobile body was one kind of old flesh color, Mounts full dust , Walked too multichannel , Brings the vehicle including the person to be all tired. Blue perverses the eye sea, Yellow is depressed sand, The vicinity has high height low palm, Has still neatly holds one pile of Art Deco small construction. In the distant place bay has white pleasure boat, the eye is good also sees on the mast has 12 colored flags worn out to flutter. Then to evening , New York street corner , Outside the music hall neon has not extinguished , for a very long time; Le Sheng Du closes in the room , Street corner quiet , Did deceitful violates the law has all rested , Beats around the bush certainly the not hidden murderous intention. On Pacific Ocean some island , Indian , Marseilles , Singapore , In room , Nearby bed , Woman , Dripping big perspiration , One pair of leather shoes , Jazz is happy... ...

Jacques Loustal, One loafs middle-aged, Yun Yun France when in the red cartoonist one looks cold and indifferent be standoffish role. He has not certainly acted any, He originally is this. Does not depend on ambition, Does not flaunt resolves or will, the work content is not startled world is indescribably tragic with overpowering momentum greatly manufactures the big story. Lives , Originally should like Loustal in these charts lead , As well as he general , Swims swings , On first on first. Loafs, is central subject, is the life goal. Side walks while writes draws, Just like this. Some people fully suffered the vulgar service to be encumbered, Deeply feels individual family work society many pressures, Then passes through the department store to see Escape several large brush-written Chinese characters, Suddenly thinks must accidentally escape, Goes dissolutely to any vacation travelling spot one. The goal is obvious: Asks is the body and mind balances Yongan ?? , Wants is receives can the high efficiency continuation work well, in the hundreds adds the catty to be always smiles??? Escaped another official business. Looks like this certainly is not Loustal manner, His, Is loafs itself.

We have road movie , The road writes , Road music , The outstanding person like heats German Si , Jia Mu Xu , Jack Kerouac( "On Road" author ) , Tom Waits as well as certain R.E.M.. But must elect road cartoonist's speech, Loustal definitely is senior general. Senior general not fierce, Because relative other people's swift and fierce style, Loustal not necessarily more walks braver , He only is by he speed , Gradually.

Does not know Loustal actually when does go home? Does not know which not well-known pub, he is at; Gnaws one very dry Hamburg ? Can he in which not know any person has lain down on the bed feels cold gives off heat  He brings several paint brushes several manuscript paper ? Does he have catches up with on brings one note computer? Has Modem? Loafs how technical? Does the man need; All hands over, the body and mind; Creates the person probably to be used to all these painstakingly all beautifies, All becomes in the creation process most to be worth the aftertaste the inspiration and the emotion origin. As , which looks on; Front we only may calmly look his drawing , Calmly reads his life , The sadness and happiness appeal precipitates , after the year; Tastes most really or is concerned author.

The Loustal work is not certainly easy to look, continuously only can on the road the off and on collection. On hand has two complete?? , One is the series chart "Barney and the Blue Note" English version , Knight happy hand rough half a lifetime , One person on way ; Another one is the illustration ?? "Cine-Romans". Two books all are Loustal all along style, Color ink carbon colour, thickly coldly sinks strongly fragrant. ?? Independently looks like like life fragment, everywhere sees the detail. To one situation, Also does not mind he draws is not story ? Calculates series? Various start and finished, Respective composition different structure and rhythm, with way?? Passes through gets out of the way, the opening reads, you read my, I read you.

Loafs suddenly worries about the travel to this which the morning passes to write person Bruce Chatwin, Has this kind of note inside his classical work The Songlines to extract: "our mature lies in movement, complete calm is death", Drifts away dissolute, Tracks down each kind happy and not happy, Generally speaking not only this generation of person this generation of matter.