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Illustration pour WEA de pochettes de CD et cassettes pour une collection de Musiques de Dance : java, paso doble, tango argentin, afro-cubain, Bolero, valse, Tango Francan (1999)

Musiques de Dance : Java

Couleur 3 Repérages vol .10 

Soundtrack: Un monde sans pitie (1990) Virgin (LP)

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Isabelle Antenne: Easy Street (1985) (7" + 12") Barclay

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Isabelle Antenne: Seaside weekend (1985) (7" +12") Le Disque du Crepuscule

Isabelle ANTENA : Seaside Weekend, 1986 (on Les Disques du Crepuscule, catalogue number TWI 12TWI 601, 12 inch)
Produced by Martin Hayles, Cover displays stunning artwork by the famous graphic designer Jacques de Loustal
3 tracks: Seaside Weekend (12" Mix - exclusive to this release) / Naughty Naughty / Don't Think About It (exclusive to this release)

illustration couleur (12 x 12) pour le disque 'The Voice of Love' de Julee Cruise

Cinq Temps Pour Paul Desmond

Paul Desmond

The Complete Paul Desmond RCA Victor Recordings: 1961-65

NOTE: This is an import from BMG France. It is more complete than the following US release in that it includes Two of a Mind (RCA/Bluebird 9654-2-RB) recorded by Desmond with Gerry Mulligan for RCA Victor. The track order is different from the USA version, so a different remastering was used.

The package contains a CD-sized booklet (appr. 50 pages), Cinq Temps Pour Paul Desmond (Five For Paul Desmond) by Paul Benkimoun (in English and French). This was originally published in a limited edition (300 copies) for Les Autodidactes, with illustrations by Loustal. There is also a selected Discography.

BMG-France - (BM 726) 74321425302 (7 CDs) - Released 1996

Mauvais genre 

 Raconte-moi la vie


2018 Lio Canta Caymmi  [CD]

Isabelle Antenne: Easy Street (1985) (7" ) Barclay

Isabelle Antenne: Seaside weekend (1985)

The best of Juluka _loustal cd-cover
Juluka : the best of Juluka (1991) EMI
Juluka : the best of Juluka (1991) Declic
Juluka : the best of Juluka (1991) Rhythm Safari

Barney Wilen loustal CD-cover
Barney Wilen : La Note Bleue (1987) IDA Records (LP + CD)