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1985 Isabelle Antenne: Easy Street (1985) (7" ) Barclay   & Seaside Week End

couverture Loustal

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Isabelle Antenne: Seaside Week End (1985)







Influential ambient/new wave pop from France with twists and turns and airy female vocals from Isabel Antena.If she only knew that her vocal style would open commercial roads for every Saint Etienne(90′s) or Nouvelle Vague and Piano Magic(00′s and then),perhaps her artistic adventure inside the European ethereal sounds,would be endless.All these before terms like ”Acid Jazz” and ”Lounge Pop” become freaky hippy and meaningless..


Isabelle Antenne: Seaside weekend (1985) (7" +12") Le Disque du Crepuscule

Isabelle ANTENA : Seaside Weekend, 1986 (on Les Disques du Crepuscule, catalogue number TWI 12TWI 601, 12 inch)
Produced by Martin Hayles, Cover displays stunning artwork by the famous graphic designer Jacques de Loustal
3 tracks: Seaside Weekend (12" Mix - exclusive to this release) / Naughty Naughty / Don't Think About It (exclusive to this release)