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1995 Cinq Temps Pour Paul Desmond

350 ex

The package contains a CD-sized booklet (appr. 50 pages), Cinq Temps Pour Paul Desmond (Five For Paul Desmond) by Paul Benkimoun (in English and French). This was originally published in a limited edition (350 copies) for Les Autodidactes, with illustrations by Loustal.

Cinq Temps Pour Paul Desmond ed.Les Autodidactes, 1995.  In-12 carré br. Coll. " Night and Day ". Texte de P. Benkimoun, suivi de Orange County, New Jersey par Paul Desmond. E.O. 1/35 ex. num. sur Ingres d'Arches, n.c. Accompagné d'une lithographie originale signée par Jacques Loustal.

Benkimoun, Paul. Cinq temps pour Paul Desmond. Paris: Les Autodidactes, 1995, 62 pages.

Limited edition (350 copies), illustrated by Jacques Loustal, with a translation of the Punch article by Paul Desmond "Orange County, New Jersey"
Translated and issued as Five for Paul Desmond with the CD "The Ballad of Paul Desmond", BMG-74321429372, 1996