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"Art Loustal" : Jacques de Loustal / David Hockney









A Bigger Splash, 1967

David Hockney (1937- is one of the most important representatives of British Pop Art. His move to California at the beginning of the 1960s inspired him to paint a number of swimming: pool pictures. In a series of calm, almost static, snapshot-like views, they evoke an effulgent, laid-back atmosphere that, in this example, is disturbed by "a bigger splash The picture, precisely constructed from photographs, is painted in acrylics with bright even areas of color. The splash was added subsequently in impasto. There are no human figures in this uncannily peaceful scene (apart from the swimmer, of course, who is not visible). The landscape, too, is merely a backdrop of secondary importance to a scene of hedonistic leisure culture. The house and the pool are emblems of the Californian lifestyle; Hockney has made his own. In view of the other pictures in this series, in many of which there is also a male figure bathing, Hockney would seem to have returned to the ancient myth of the Golden Age. The clinically clean atmosphere should not, however, cause one overlook the fact that this is merely a reaction "after the Fall." Hockney's idyllic, sensorly charged leisure world clashes with the profound social upheavals that took place in the 1960s, from which the artist tries in vain to shield himself. Hockney's perfectly staged visual worlds, for which he also used photomontage and collage, fascinated an entire generation of younger artists who preferred a "freely figurative" form of painting to an abstract art that had congealed into ornamentation. 
Book: Icon of art : the 20 th

David Hockney
POOL AND STEPS (Louisiana)

British born Hockney (1937-) was a boy wonder of the British Pop Art before moving to Southern California. As an artist, he continued to evolve - moving from a subdued, introspective style to an "American" style of bright colors and optimistic landscapes. He became particularly enamored with swimming pools and their clarity of color and light. POOL AND STEPS was published by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Humlebaek, Denmark for an exhibition at the Louisiana museum of modern art. Hockney's original painting was done in 1971, but I do not have a date for the poster. Overall paper size is 33 1/2" by 24 1/2".


Loustal:  Je préfère les peintres instinctifs et figuratifs. Les peintres du début du siècle Matisse, Modigliani, Gauguin. Tous les peintres allemands de " la nouvelle subjectivité ", Beckmann, Grosz, Otto Dix. Et bien sûr, Hopper, Hockney, Balthus, pour l'immobilisme. 
Itinéraire dans l'univers de la bande dessinée , Michel-Edouard Leclerc page 186)  


Loustal Barney et la note blue, 1987 p.25

David Hockney "A bigger Splah" 1967

David Hockney by Peter Clothier 
Paperback: 128 pages 
(Modern Masters Series, Vol. 17)
Publisher: Abbeville Press, Inc.; (April 1995) 
ISBN: 0789200368 

David Hockney. Paintings. by Paul Melia, Ulrich Luckhardt
200 p. - Prestel, 2000
ISBN: 3791324136

San Francisco; 1994; First Edition Hardcover; NEW with DustJacket; large folio at 12 x 15 inches.


Loustal Barney et la note blue, 1987 p.24

David Hockney "Portrait of Nick Wilder" 1966


Loustal : Pres du Soudan

The Califfornian blue is deflinitely inspired by Hockney where as the the estranged figures on the terrace cire in reference to Hopper.
Loustal, Arrière saison, page 17, detail (mixed media), © Albin Michel, 1985.

Ce bleu califormien vient tout droit de chez Hockney, mais le personnage solitaire sur la terrasse appartient plutôt à Hopper.
Loustal, Arrière saison page 17, fragment (technique mixte),© Albin Michel, 1985.


David Hockney

1937 David Hockney is born on July 9 in 
Bradford, Yorkshire

1953-57 Studies at Bradford College of Art

1959-62 Studies at the Royal College of Art, London 
1961 Takes part in the exhibition "Young 

1961-63 Etching series based on William Hogarth's 
A Rake's Progress

1962-63 Teaches at Maidstone College of Art in 

1963-64 Visiting lecturer at the University of Iowa 
1965 Visiting lecturer at the University of 
Colorado, Boulder, CO

1966-67 Lectures at the University of California, Los 

1967-68 Creates a series of portraits of his friends 
1971 Publishes "12 Drawings"

1974 Makes the movie A Bigger Splash with Jack 

1975-92 Designs a variety of different stage sets 
Lives in London and the U.S.A.


Loustal  " 80  % Luftfeuchtigkeit" 1992 / "80% d'humidite" 1985/'84 

David Hockney "Beach Umbrella" 1971

This bright and colorful print is BEACH UMBRELLA by British artist DAVID HOCKNEY (1937. This still evolving and talented artist has been called the "most famous living artist" of the present day. Or as another art critic refers to him, this "World Famous Royal Acadamician"... It's time for a change of decor making this print, the acrylic original of which was done in about 1970, available for a new wall. Nicely double matted and framed in a 15 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch light Oak wooden frame, both print and frame are in very good condition with no stains or fading. The window of the inner mat is 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. The artist has made the shadows and ripples in the sands and the lines of the cabana umbrella and its shadow into a classic composition so pleasing to behold. The original about this print is mounted on the backing packing.