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2002 Huê 2002

Jacques de LOUSTAL

Ce carnet de dessins Huê 2002 , réalisé à l'occasion du Festival Huê 2002 et tiré à 1 000 ex.
Il reprend toute les illustrations du Vietnam du Carnet de Voyages 2000-2002 (Seuil).

Ce carnet de dessins a été réalisé à l'occasion du Festival Huê 2002 avec le soutien de l'AFAA ((Association Française d'action artistique - Ministère de affaires étrangers) et d"ATC international

Le Festival Huê 2002 a été organisé pat L'AFAA, l'ambassade de France a Honoi, la province de THUA TIENHUE et ATC international avec le soutien de la région Poitou-Charentes, de la région Nord-Pas-de-Calias et de la ville de Nantes

Ce carnet de dessins de 24 pages (0,21 x 0,21) a été réalisé par Loustal à l'occasion du Festival de Hué en 2002. Ces 25 dessins, tirés en édition limitée, sont extraits du Carnet de Voyages 2000-2002 de Loustal,  Edition du Seuil, 2003.
10 derniers exemplaires neufs disponibles dans le monde.

Loustal, Carnet de dessins Vietnam, Edition limitée, 2002

Festival Hue from 2000 to 2006

At the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999 - when the 21st century was going to start, thanks to co-operation and support from French Government and Embassy of France in Vietnam, direct assistance from Ministry of Culture and Information, Vietnam Nation Administration of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other Ministries, the people’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province officially suggested the Government allow Thua Thien Hue Province to collaborate with Embassy of France in Vietnam to organize Festival Hue 2000 - a festival of culture, art,and tourism with national and international scale firstly held in Vietnam.

Following the success of Festival Hue 2000, Festival Hue 2002 was continuously held with the co-operation between Thua Thien Hue Province and Embassy of France in Vietnam, the pariticipation of a lot of ASEAN coutries as well as other partners, such as China, Japan, and Korea and created echo mot only nationwide but also in many regions in the world. Based on these achievements the Government allowed Hue City to be constructed as a city of festival of Vietnam and continued to steer the organization of international festivals which are periodically held once every two years.

Festival Hue 2000
Festival Hue 2000 took place within 12 days and nights with the participation of more than 30 Vietnamese and French art groups, including over 1,000 artists and professional and amateur actors and actresses. It attracted more than 410,000 people, including 41,000 tourists and 6,000 foreign guests… Festival Hue 2000 is actually the national and international festival of culture, art, and tourism, a general rehearsal of exchange activities on politics, foreign affairs, economy, culture, which promotes the rebirth of Thua Thien Hue Province after the historical flood in 1999, developing comparative strength of Thua Thien Hue Province in the fields of culture and tourism.

Festival Hue 2002
Festival Hue 2002 continuously develops the theme “Discovering art of Hue lifestyle” with linkages to the expansion of international exchanges. It took place in 12 days and nights. One month before the Opening Ceremory, the Festival was warmed up by the International Sculpture Symposium “Impression of Hue – Vietnam”. 33 typical art troupes from France, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia and also domestic art troupes with 1,554 artists, actors and actresses, technical staff participated in the festival. It attracted over 1 million people and 75,000 tourists, including 18,000 foreign guests (increasing threefold in comparison with Festival Hue 2000). Festival Hue 2002 created a great echo and was of national and international scale. It created premise to make Hue the city of festival of Vietnam.

Festival Hue 2004
Festival Hue 2004 entitled “Cultural Heritage with Intergration and Development” took place within 9 days and nights eith 1-month warm-up festivities, such as the International Scuplture Symposium “Impression of Hue – Vietnam”, Folk Sculpture Symposium, Hue Poetry Festival and a lot of kich-off activities. There were 15 foreign art troupes from France, China, Argentina, Australia, India, Germany, and America; 25 domestic art troupes with 1,300 professional actors and actresses, nearly 2,000 amateur actors and actresses, and technical staff. This Festival attracted 1.2 million participants, 101,950 tourists, among which are 11,950 foreign guests. Festival Hue 2004 was a cultural and tourist festival of national and international scale, introducing specific artistic values of Vietnam, Hue, and other worldwide countries. It was also an opportunity to praise Hue Court Music, a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, which was recently recognized by UNESCO and continuously created motivation to boost the development of economiy, tourism, and culture, affirming advantages of a city of festival of Vietnam.

Festival Hue 2006
Festival Hue 2006 with the theme “700 years of the land of Thuan Hoa – Phu Xuan – Thua Thien Hue, Cultural Heritage with Intergration and Development” appealed to 1,440 artists, actors and actresses of 22 domestic art troupes (1,171 actors and actresses) and 22 foreign art troupes (269 actors and actresses) from France, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, British, Argentina, Indonesia, and Australia. Festival Hue 2006 continued to develop the results and experience of the previous festival, reached proposed requirements, and appealed to 1.5 million of participants. With warm-up activities taking place one month before the Opening Ceremony and 9 days and nights from 3rd to 11th of June, 2006, Festival Hue 2006 had 138 performances, over 40 cultural festivities and community festivals. The program was evaluated as a traditional, modern, imposing, attractive, and safe festival, showing the rank of a professional and international festival of Vietnam. Especially, Festival Hue 2006 continued to revive cultural values of Vietnam and Hue, marketing effectively to worldwide friends the image of Hue ancient capital – the city of festival of Vietnam.