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1995 The New Yorker, Jan  30, 1995

SKETCHBOOK: The American Center in Paris
The New Yorker, ISSN 0028-792X, 30-01-1995, p.78-79 (2) 
Auteur : Jacques de Loustal

A Bit of O.J. to Start the Day cover by AH

Loustal in The New Yorker

Magazine: The New Yorker

Date: January 30, 1995

Pages: 96

Cover: A bit of O.J. to start the day by HA

Cover Condition: Minor soiling, wear, & creasing. Address label.

Inside Condition: Minor soiling & wear.

David Remnick
David Owen
Michael R. Beschloss
Mary Anne Weaver
Richard Avedon, Brendan Lemon
Harold Brodkey
Jacques de Loustal
David Foster Wallace
Richard Rorty
Hermione Lee
Anthony Lane
Jane Kenyon
Karl Kirchwey
John Burnside
Bruce McCall

Bruce Eric Kaplan
Richard Cline
George Price
Victoria Roberts
Bernard Schoenbaum
Robert Mankoff
Mick Stevens
Warren Miller
Michael Crawford
Henry Martin
Jack Ziegler
Robert Weber
John OBrien
Leo Cullum
Michael Maslin
Ed Fisher
Edward Koren
Bill Woodman
J.B. Handelsman
Donald Reilly
Charles Barsotti

Articles about:
Boris Yeltsin
Malcom X sister Ella Little Collins
George Price
Advice for Hillary Clinton
Peter Norton
Writer Naguib Mahfouz of Egypt
Andy Warhol
Walter Winchell

Full page advertisements for:
Delta Air Lines
Cheryl Faver for IBM
Hennessy Cognac
American Museum of Natural History
Hyatt Hotels
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Absolut vodka

Smaller ads for:
Blanche Taylor for Cancer Treatment Centers
Ken Bode for Washington Week in Review


SKETCHBOOK showing the American Center in Paris. Frank Gehry's building, an alluring neighbor to the controversial National Library, the last of Mitterand's "grands projets," is drawing big crowds.

THE AMERICAN CENTER IN PARIS The New Yorker, January 30, 1995 P. 78