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1992 Ergee Limited Edition : Greatest hits (volume 5)

Ill. Ted Benoit,  Serge Clerc,  Loustal,  Floc'h,   Walter & Minus, Gnädigerstein.


Présentation de la collection « Limited Editions » pour la marque de chaussette Ergee qui réunit six grands illustrateurs. 

Greatest hits (volume 5)

Ergee Limited Edition

1 Ted Benoit : King of the Blues
2 Serge Clerc : A girl like this
3 Loustal's Tropical Combo : Conga Fever
4 Floc'h : MAnhattan Romance
5 Walter & Minus: My heart "beast"faster when i see you
6 Gnädigerstein : Mäusetotenlieder

Produced & Arranged by Avantgarde
Art Direction: Alain Lacharte
Texts Cover: Jean-Luc Fromental
Graphic Design: Vue sur la Ville
Front Cover: W.Minus

Ergee 1992

Comic Socks meet music.
Who says socks can't be musical? The fifth "Limited Edition by Ergee"contains a lot of melodies. Our six french comic designers have each listened to thier favorite songs. With this inspiration they created six misical sock designs. Rhythmic or romantic, from comical to classical and all the way to blues and jazz. Walk softly to the sounds of Limited Edition in the new comic socks from Ergee.



Ted Benoit,  Serge Clerc,  Loustal,  Floc'h,   Walter & Minus, Gnädigerstein.