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2011  "The New Yorker" April 18, 2011

Couverture/ Cover Jacques de Loustal

Le numéro du New Yorker daté 18 avril 2011 nous propose la traditionnelle couverture de Jacques de Loustal pour le Journeys Issue : “Drawing While Waiting” par Jacques de Loustal

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“Drawing While Waiting,” the cover of this week’s Journeys Issue, by the Parisian artist Jacques de Loustal, was inspired by the Amalfi Coast of Italy and captures, he says, a moment of “pure contemplation while you are sitting somewhere beautiful.” When Loustal travels, he says, he takes “two notebooks, one for sketches with a brush and one for sketches with pencils. The paper is different.”
Loustal used to rely entirely on sketches to remember his travels, but now finds it “too restricting: I couldn’t draw if I couldn’t stop the car.” So now he takes digital photos, as well—sometimes, he confesses, while driving.
The upside-down bird in the notebook on the table is to “show you that drawings are not faithful recordings,” he says. “It is their strength to be subjective. The bird must have moved.”


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