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2010  The New Yorker  April 19

“Voyage Autour de Notre Chambre”
by Jacques de Loustal


The issue of April 19, 2010.

cover Loustal
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Sexual abuse and the Church.
by Hendrik Hertzberg

Join a live chat with Hendrik Hertzberg about Comment on Monday, April 12, at 3 P.M. E.T.

Home Again
For Christopher Walken, Astoria is the old neighborhood.
by Peter Stevenson

Reporters share walrus penis bones and other keepsakes.
by Ben McGrath

The Toiler
Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band dips back into painting.
by John Seabrook

Timing the Recovery
Republicans look forward to November, but voters have short memories.
by James Surowiecki

The Ice Balloon
Lost in the Arctic.
by Alec Wilkinson

Living Up to Your Prius
by Bruce McCall

Go West
An American homecoming.
by Peter Hessler

Back Issues: Stories about travel from The New Yorker’s archives.

The Memory Kitchen
A chef recovers a national cuisine.
by Elif Batuman

Audio: A chef rediscovers lost Turkish recipes.
Audio Slide Show: Elif Batuman shops for local produce with the Turkish chef Musa Dağdeviren.

Angle of Vision
Photographing the Sahara.
by Lauren Collins

Video: George Steinmetz shows and discusses his work.

The tugboat life.
by Burkhard Bilger

Audio Slide Show: Burkhard Bilger narrates a selection of photos of the Smith tugboat family.
Video: Allen Ginsberg’s tugboat ride.

“Prefiguration of Lalo Cura”
by Roberto Bolaño

The “Addams Family” musical.
by John Lahr

Henry Luce vs. Harold Ross.
by Jill Lepore

Briefly Noted: “Next”; “The Bradshaw Variations”; “George, Nicholas, and Wilhelm”; “Curfewed Night.”

Don Paterson’s “Rain.”
by Dan Chiasson

Kitty Kelley’s “Oprah.”
by Lauren Collins

Henri Cartier-Bresson at MOMA.
by Peter Schjeldahl

Join a live chat with Peter Schjeldahl about Henri Cartier-Bresson on Thursday, April 15, at 3 P.M. E.T.

William Christie and period performance.
by Alex Ross

“The Secret in Their Eyes,” “Date Night.”
by David Denby

“I Have Daughters and I Have Sons”
by Robert Bly

by Jorie Graham

Snoop Dogg, at Brooklyn Bowl and Irving Plaza.
by Sasha Frere-Jones

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “World on a Wire,” at MOMA.
by Richard Brody

Big Art Group, at Abrons Arts Center.
by Hilton Als

Village Tart
by Andrea Thompson

Harvard Lampooner
by Ben Greenman

The Theatre
Night Life
Classical Music
Readings and Talks
Above and Beyond

Joe Matunis; Rob Garver; Michael Braun

“Voyage Autour de Notre Chambre”
by Jacques de Loustal

Ward Sutton, William Hamilton, Mick Stevens, Pat Byrnes, J. C. Duffy, Zachary Kanin, Liza Donnelly, David Sipress, Roz Chast, Sam Gross, William Haefeli, Jack Ziegler, Shannon Wheeler, Lee Lorenz, Robert Mankoff, Ariel Molvig, Michael Maslin, Alex Gregory, Bruce Eric Kaplan, John O’Brien, Farley Katz, Tom Cheney, Mike Twohy, Charles Barsotti

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