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1995 Outbreaks of Violets / Taxi Girl

In 1995 Alan Moore wrote the text for a set of 24 cards, called "Outbreaks of Violets", which were given away at the MTV Europe Music Awards 1995.

Alan Moore’s ‘Outbreaks Of Violets’. 1995
Extremely rare collectible feat. 24 European artists

This extremely rare item is probably the scarcest Alan Moore collectible – very few copies (if any) have ever been offered for sale.

The book was designed by Rian Hughes and produced as an oversized bound folder for the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards. It was given out to audience members at the MTV awards show in Paris. 

Alan Moore’s (bio) story is on the general theme of “random acts of kindness” and is told in the form of 24 different trading cards, each of which is illustrated by a different European artist. In addition, each artist is also represented by a separate page of their own work.


complete version with all in a single folder with ribbon The map of the portfolio, the brochure, the boards and 24 cards

brouchure with screws

The artists are as follows :

1) Mique Beltran
2) Max Cabanes
3) Mick McMahon
4) Baru
5) Francesca Ghermandi
6) Javier Mariscal
7) Jean-Philippe Stassen
8) Kellie Strom
9) Francois Avril
10) Isabel Kreitz
11) Rachael Ball
12) Max Andersson
13) Stefano Ricci
14) Francois Boucq
15) Jamie Hewlett
16) Max
17) Edmond Boudoin
18) Ed Pinsent
19) Loustal
20) John M. Burns
21) Pirinen
22) Lorenzo Mattotti
23) Christian Gorny
24) Ever Meulen  

So far as is known, there are no plans to reprint this story. This is therefore a unique opportunity to acquire an otherwise unobtainable work by comics’ foremost writer.
 Size = A3 i.e. 42.5cm (16.75 inches)  x 29cm (11.5 inches)

Taxi Girl: 3 AM in a strange town, a man walks into a dime-a-dance hall. Half drunk, and unsure, He can't choose between the blonde and brunette. As he dances with the blonds, a man loses his head, pulls a gun a shoots he shoots the brunette, still sitting at the bar... in spite of himself. He has saves the blonde girl's life.


Jacques de Loustal was born in Neuilly, France in 1956. He studied for a fine arts degree in architecture, graduating in 1981, since that time he has dedicated himself to comic, developing a highly personal style which ranks him among the great French artists. aside from comics he has done work for advertising, publicity and fine-art painting. He spends much time travelling. He lives in Paris with his wife and two children.

The story, asking what would happen if people were suddenly nice to each other, was printed up in an A3 size portfolio with 24 prints by by name European and British artists including Mike McMahon, Jamie Hewlett, John Burns and Ed Pinsent.

500 were produced originally, though only 200 were given out – and promptly destroyed or lost. The rest were left in a cupboard at MTV, offices that then burned down.

Every now and then someone sells then on eBay. For a lot of money. Which is ironic as it seems that the creators didn’t get paid what they expected for the work or received comp copies of the final volume.



Thanks Basil / F. Avril: http://lespassantsdavril.blogspot.com/2009/05/mtv-europe-music-awards-1995.html