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2009 Loustal Spots march 23 2009 The New Yorker



MARCH 23 , 2009

Not Insane
An economical Republican idea.
by Hendrik Hertzbere

The Dolor of Money
Madoff’s guilty plea
by Nancy Franklin

Court seizes Chris Burden’s gold.
by Dana Goodyear

Light Fight
A debate over the city’s streetlights.
by Lauren Collins

Tiny Bubbles
An Off Off Broadway bubble heist.
by Mike Peed

Madoff and His Models
The pioneers of the swindle.
by Ron Chernow

The Replacement
Roland Burris’s road to the Senate.
by Jeffrey Toobin

The Accused
The political fallout of a murder trial.
by Keith Gesses

Audio: Keith Gessen describes the murder case of Anna Politkovskaya.

Ask the Author: Submit a question for Keith Gessen about the Politkovskaya trial.

Spin Right and Shoot Left
Full-speed lacrosse.
by John McPhe

“She’s the One”
by Tessa Hadley

The poems of C. P. Cavafy.
by Dan Chiasson
Briefly Noted: “The Kindly Ones”; “The Siege”; “Freedom’s Battle”; “Flannery.”

The Yankees and Mets stadiums.
by Paul Goldberge

“33 Variations,” “Blithe
Spiritby John Lahr
Video: John Lahr discusses Broadway’s “Blithe Spirit” with the director, Michael Blakemore.

Puppet shows in the city.
by Joan Acocella

“Tokyo Sonata,” “The Great Buck Howard.”
by Anthony Lane

“Mom as Fly”
by Terese Svoboda

by Carl Phillips

“The Foundation”
by C. K. Williams

Pop-music economics.
by Sasha Frere-Jones

Ellsworth Kelly, at the Matthew Marks gallery.
by Peter Schjeldahl

“The Daytrippers,” at the D.G.A. Theatre.
by David Denby

Buttermilk Channel
by Andrea Thompson

Annie Long Jordan Taylor; Lisa Seidenberg; Philip G. Terrie

Barry Blitt

Michael Shaw, Mick Stevens, Danny Shanahan, Farley Katz, David Sipress, Bruce Eric Kaplan, William Haefeli, Robert Leighton, Matthew Diffee, Marshall Hopkins, Tom Cheney, Ariel Molvig

Jacques de Loustal