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AUTEUR: edited by Art Spiegelman & R. Sikoryak
TITRE: The Narrative Corpse

EDITEUR: Raw Books/Gates of Heck , 1995

DESCRIPTION PHYSIQUE: 9"x16.5", 18 pages of "story", 3-color printing deluxe.- $25.00

69 Artists played a comix version of the surrealist game in which one person starts a story and the next one continues it. Some of the greatest comix artists of this century, inclduing R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman. Loustal and Dabiel Clowes.

start painting Loustal in The Narrtive Corpse p. 16

1-3  Savage Pencil (savx); 4-6 Loustal; 7-9 R Crumb....

69 Artists who Participated in The Narrative Corpse

Max Andersson
Peter Bagge
Lynda Barry
Mark Beyer
Chester Brown
M.K. Brown
Charles Burns
Max Cabanes
Daniel Clowes
Paul Corio
R. Crumb
Georgeanne Deen
Kim Deitch
Julie Doucet
Pascal Doury
Debbie Drechsler
Will Eisner
Mary Fleener
Drew Friedman
Scott Gillis
Justin Green
Bill Griffith
Matt Groening
Gilbert Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
Kamagurka and Herr Seele
Ben Katchor
Aline Kominsky-Crumb
Krystyne Kryttre
Mark Landman
Carol Lay
Gary Leib
Jacques Loustal
Jason Lutes
Jay Lynch
Lorenzo Mattotti
David Mazzucchelli
Scott McCloud
Richard McGuire
Ever Meulen
Jose Munoz
Thomas Ott
Gary Panter
J. Pirinen
Jayr Pulga
Bruno Richard
Jonathon Rosen
Joe Sacco
Richard Sala
David Sandlin
Savage Pencil
Gilbert Shelton
R. Sikoryak
Art Spiegelman
Carol Swain
Joost Swarte
Carol Tyler
Mort Walker
Chris Ware
G. Wasco
S. Clay Wilson
Jim Woodring
Mark Zingarelli

18"x16" on art paper, either signed and limited or not.

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poster narrative corpse

The signed one is signed by the 18 artists who participated in the cover jam: Mark Beyer, R. Sikoryak, Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns, Gary Panter, Kaz, Gary Leib, David Sandlin, Paul Corio, Kim Deitch, Carol Lay, David Mazzucchelli, Richard McGuire, and Joe Sacco.

$ 50 Signed poster
$ 10 UnSigned poster
info: gates@heck.com