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"Art Loustal" : Wim Wenders: Paris, Texas (1984) /Jacques de Loustal 

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Paris, Texas (1984)

One of German director Wim Wenders' many great movies, this won the coveted Palme d'Or award at Cannes. It involves a drifter (Harry Dean Stanton), who has been lost in the wilderness of Texas for four years. He has lost all memory of his former life. Then, he comes to a small town in the desert, where Stanton's brother (Dean Stockwell) finds him. Stockwell returns to his home in LA with his long lost brother in tow. Stanton is meanwhile beginning to remember who he is and what he has done in the past. He knows he must search for his wife and son. He finds his son (Hunter Carson) in the custody of Stockwell and his wife (Aurore Clement). He finds his wife (Nastassja Kinski) in a sleazy strip joint in Houston. However, despite these problems, he attempts to reconcile with Carson and Kinski and bring them together again.
A most compelling drama, with some of the most amazing work ever done by filmaker Wenders, screenwriter Sam Shepard and the cast, such as Stockwell and Stanton. Kinski comes off amazingly fine and young Carson gives one of the best juvenile performances to date. The cinematography, capturing the desolation of the American southwest, is simply breathtaking. It's a tad slow, but it is something you should not miss.


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Paris, Texas DVD

Paris, Texas DVD

Paris-Texas video Nederland






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"Des images sans paroles nourries de littérature", ainsi débute cette rencontre avec le style Loustal. Peintre aux couleurs tropicales, dessinateur de bandes dessinées aux cadrages cinématographiques, Loustal avoue être marqué par une imagerie américaine façon Wim Wenders ou David Lynch. Loustal dans "Faiseur d'images", 1998


This film about Loustal's stylistic approach opens with "images without words inspired by literature". A painter who uses tropical colours, an artist whose comic strips are framed like film shots, Loustal admits to being inspired by the sort of American-style imagery found in the films of Wim Wenders and David Lynch. Loustal in "Faiseur d'images", 1998

PLG: Quelles sont vos références littéraires ? Cinématographiques ?

Loustal: Pour ce qui est des références littéraires, cela va des auteurs américains comme Tennesse Williams, Truman Capote, Fitzgerald ou Corson Mac Cullers à des auteurs français comme Simenon, Modiano. Enfin, ce sont ceux que j'ai en tête maintenant...

Pour le cinéma, je suis très éclectique, cela va de Fellini à Wenders en passant par Peckinpah ou Kubrik. Je ne déteste pas non plus les petites productions policières ou d'horreur. En fait, je suis un gros consommateur de films...

PLG: On retrouve dans vos histoires des ambiances proches de celles qui caractérisent le cinéma de Wenders. On perçoit une certaine connivence...

Loustal: Oui, des films comme L'ami américain ou L'état des choses me touchent beaucoup, c'est vrai qu'il y a une similitude dans la façon d'appréhender l'espace, dans les cadrages, dans la mise en images du temps qui passe.

PLGppur N 21 Couv.Loustal.- Dossier Loustal 19 -36 p.


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Paris, Texas 1984, (Nastassja Kinski)

Barney et la note blue,
Loustal 1987, p. 75 (A suivre 1985 /1986)


Photo  Wim Wenders, 1984

 PUB et BD
,  Loustal 1989

loustal : No man's land (223)

Photo Quiet Sleeps, Mojave, California in "Written in the West". Wim Wenders

Written in the West". Wim Wenders
Copyright 2000, originally published in 1987, 100 pages, Publisher: Te Neues, ISBN: 3823854690
"In this album of 60-plus large color photographs, taken in preparation for filming Paris, Texas in 1983, film director Wim Wenders records his personal reaction to the American Southwest. At the same time, he manages to capture an eloquent portrait of America on the highways and main streets—built up in the mid-20th-century boom but now a bit down at the heels. Not surprisingly, Wenders as a photographer has a strong eye for color and composition, and his photos of bizarrely colored storefronts, desert highways, and street life are poetic and evocative, at times even reminiscent of Edward Hopper's paintings. An interview with Wenders introduces the album."

Loustal: Lolita von Vladimir Nabokon (Das Magazine/ Alice im Comicland)


Paris, Texas 1984, Wenders

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New Mexico, Loustal 1981


Paris, Texas 1984, Wenders

A suivre N° 220 Loustal, 1996


Paris, Texas 1984, Wenders

A suivre N°207, Loustal 1995



Paris, Texas 1984, Wenders



Paris, Texas 1984, Wenders

 "Lumiere Du Jour / Rock & Folk" Loustal, 1983