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Cartoon Forum posters through the years  1990 - 2020

2006 Cartoon Forum Pau -Pyrenees

2006 Cartoon Forum Pau -Pyrenees, 20 - 23 septembre 2006
Loustal: Illustration originale pour l'affiche du Cartoon forum de Pau


The Cartoon Forum was created in 1990 by CARTOON with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union (Creative Europe). It has dynamised European animation: from a craft industry was born a true cultural industry, diverse and at the cutting edge of technologySince the first Cartoon Forum edition in 1990, over 833 projects (with a total budget of more than 2.89 billion EUR) presented at the Cartoon Forum have secured their financing and are now in production or being aired worldwide...

2006 Cartoon Forum

Every year over 260 potential investors - all interested in animation - attend the Cartoon Forum. This includes over 100 broadcasters and 160 investors/video editors who have the advantage of getting a sneak preview of the latest animation projects for the television from 29 different European countries.

Over 300 projects (for a total budget of more than 1000 million EUR) presented at the Cartoon Forum have secured their financing and are now in production or being broadcasted worldwide.

The concept, created by CARTOON, runs very smoothly. The Forum provides European producers, broadcasters, distributors and investors with a fortunate occasion to negotiate and conclude business.
This year, thanks to the hospitality of our French hosts, participants will have the opportunity to experience once again this concept, which has thus far proved to be most successful.

The Cartoon Forum is neither a fair nor a festival, but rather a co-production forum, where European producers can negotiate financing for new projects.
The Forum combines trailer presentations, working sessions and business meetings with opportunities for socialising and sightseeing: the relaxed setting of the Cartoon Forum has become an intrinsic element for the whole European animation industry.

In 2006, the city of Pau will be hosting the 17th edition of the Cartoon Forum from 20 to 23 September.

For further information, please contact :

Annick Maes
Boulevard Lambermont 314
B-1030 Brussels
Tel : (32) (2) 242 93 43
Fax : (32) (2) 245 46 89

Cartoon Forum

Une organisation
Le Forum Cartoon a été conçu et créé par CARTOON, une association internationale sans but lucratif basée à Bruxelles.
CARTOON a pour objectif le soutien à l’industrie européenne du film d’animation et reçoit depuis 18 années l’aide financière du Programme MEDIA de l’Union Européenne pour mener ses actions, ciblées sur trois axes:
Cartoon Forum: un forum de co-productions
des séries d’animations destinées
principalement à la télévision. Le Forum Cartoon (environ 750 participants) est organisé chaque année en septembre et est itinérant (dans un pays différent chaque année);
Cartoon Movie: un forum de co-productions des longs métrages d’animation destinés principalement aux salles de cinéma. Cartoon Movie (environ 450 participants) est organisé chaque année en mars dans le Studio Babelsberg (Potsdam, Allemagne);
Cartoon Masters: quatre séminaires de formation par an destinés aux professionnels européens (environ 100 participants par session) et axés sur des sujets pointus liés à l’évolution des métiers du film d’animation.
CARTOON, créé en 1988, est dirigé par Marc Vandeweyer et Corinne Jenart et est constitué d’une Assemblée Générale et d’un Conseil d’Administration composés de 15 professionnels européens.