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Serge Clerc La nuit du Mocambo 1983

Serge Clerc, né le 12 octobre 1957 à Roanne (Loire), est un auteur de bande dessinée et illustrateur français.
Les premiers dessins de Serge Clerc paraissent entre 1974 et 1975 dans un fanzine qu'il a créé, Absolutely live. Ce fanzine fut imprimé à Roanne, rue du Rivage à « Impressions et publicité », imprimerie disparue aujourd’hui. En 1975, il est recruté par le journal Métal hurlant après y avoir envoyé quelques dessins par La Poste. Jusqu'en 1987, année de disparition du titre, il y publie divers récits, ainsi que des illustrations autour du rock. Il collabore également au magazine Rock & Folk.  ...

Alex Barbier Lycaons, page 59

India ink, wash, ink in colors and collage, 47 x 37 cm
Alex Barbier (15 March 1950 - 29 January 2019,scul France)
Seven years after finishing graphic school at Nantes, Alex Barbier started working on his first comics for Charlie Mensuel. He set out to make a historic series, creating atmosphere by a melancholy use of colour and setting. He is known mostly for this melancholy style as well as for his gay erotic drawings, in which loneliness features largely. His watercolor drawings are colourful and gloomy at the same time, while his comics also are marked by a strict division between images and texts.
After 'Lycaons' (1979) and 'Le Dieu du 12' (1982), published by Square, Barbier created 'Lettre au Maire de V.' in Hara-Kiri. However, this story remained unfinished due to the disappearance of the Hara-Kiri magazine. In the 1990s Delcourt published some albums of his work, like 'Les Paysages de la Nuit' and 'Comme un Poulet sans Tête'.


Romain Slocombe

Romain Slocombe, Born 1952 in Paris, is a French cartoonist, photographer, painter and filmmaker who is well-known in Tokyo and France as the "Medical Artist." He takes pictures and makes paintings of young Japanese women wearing cervical collars, bandages, slings, eye patches and casts. As a comic artist, he was a regular contributor to Métal Hurlant and he has published books like 'Prisoner Of The Red Army' (Humanoïdes Associés, 1978), 'YeunKo l'Infirmière Héroique' (Futuropolis, 1984), 'Tokyo Girl' (Magic Strip, 1985), 'Cauchemars Climatisés', 1987), 'Femmes Fatales' (Comixland, 1988), 'Le Détective du Palace Hôtel' (Syros, 1988), 'Tigres Volans Contre Zéros' (Albin Michel, 1989), 'Cité des Anges' (Albin Michel, 1989) and 'Drôle de Dragon à Tokyo' (Syros, 1992)....

Harukawa Namio

Born 1947 in Osaka, Japan. Harukawa's distinctive penname combines the name of film actress Harukawa Masumi with an anagram of Naomi, the heroine in Tanizaki Jun'ichiro's novel Chijin no ai [A Fool's Love]. While in high school, Harukawa began contributing work to the readers' column of Kitan Club, postwar Japan's leading pulp magazine. Since then, Harukawa's drawings of male masochism have portrayed noble, voluptuously beautiful women and the men who would serve them. Harukawa is now recognized as the preeminent Japanese illustrator specializing in the depiction of women's ass. In addition to his drawings on paper... https://hirose1117.ocnk.net/product/3885

Jean-Yves Gosti

Jean-Yves Gosti (Born in 1960) is an experienced French sculptor who has exhibited his work in Nantes. He predominately works with marble and steel, and particularly enjoys representing faces. He seeks to combine contrasting elements such as granite and metal with delicate, fragile expressions, resulting in an overall artistic signature that is at once hard and soft, brutal and refined, impactful and quiet.