My last meal: Jacques de Loustal in Monocle

Illustrator Jacques de Loustal sketches out the dangers of meeting your heroes over lunch and explains why France is in a league of its own when it comes to cartoons

“I like to draw people eating fish. It expresses my love for the Mediterranean, the sea, the water, the boat. My father was in the airforce but he wanted to be a sailor, to be near the sea. So in the summer we always went to the south of France, where we had a house on the coast. I was marked by that maritime landscape. Now, whenever I can add a fish to my drawings, I do.

All kids draw until some age and then either stop or continue. If you continue it’s probably because you’re surrounded by books, pictures and magazines. That was the case for me…

Monocle, March 2019 Issue 121, volume 13 p. 154 - 155

2004 à table !

Il y a mille façons de se mettre à table, de déguster, de goûter et d'apprécier l'aventure culinaire. Qu'il soit un délicieux souvenir ou le fruit juteux de l'imagination, l'appétit vient en rêvant. Pièce montée par nos meilleures bouches, ce recueil de nouvelles dégage l'odeur secrète de l'évasion... 

1990 Antilles 1  

Numérotée 200 ex, Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
12 couleur passages, ed. Anagraphis
Loustal: "cabane prés de la plage"

Petit dîner entre amis autour d’un bocal

Exposition « Tables et festins. L’hospitalité dans la peinture flamande et hollandaise du XVIIe siècle… et la bande dessinée »

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Monocle’s France-themed March issue 2019 is on newsstands around the world now. Our editors and photographers were dispatched to all corners of La République to paint a nuanced picture of a country with panache, covering everything from aviation and architecture to business and bread. We find out why its navy is riding high in Toulon, where the nation’s fleet is angling for a world-leading military role. We ask why the French turn on their leaders – from storming the Bastille to turning on Macron – and see how one factory nailed it. We also ask why switched-on Americans see the future of TV in Lyon, and meet the Franco-Syrian refugee who launched a global construction firm.

Highlights from the France Special include:

Why the Navy still suits the French – MONOCLE visits Toulon, the first port of call to see the nation's fleet mustering for a world-leading military role.

The gilets jaune are nothing new. Why the French turn on their leaders.

How to seize an opportunity: the Franco-Syrian refugee on the scaffolding company that made his construction company a household name.

Why the Americans are eyeing up Lyon for the future of TV.

Interview: Franco-Moroccan author Leila Slimani on freedom, middle-class violence and her new role promoting Francophone affairs.  

Interview: Jean-Michel Jarre, forefather of electronica, on why he spends his nights holed up with a film projector.   

How post-war architectural ideas were realised in unassuming Royan.

MONOCLE’s A-Z of the French firms that keep the world’s seventh-largest economy ticking over.

Why Parisians are turning to detectives to track down long lost lovers (rather than catch-out existing ones). A trip to a sleuth's office in Paris.

MONOCLE’s picks of favourite labels, haunts and titles. Are French pharmacies worthy of Unesco status?

Why the falling fortunes of French bread may be back on the rise (thanks to a new generation of bakers turning their backs on mediocre supermarket-bought baguettes).

What makes the nation tick? Guest authors and journalists pen essays for the France Special.  

Why Mont Blanc is still summit special: a singular film-shot expedition to understand what makes this French icon endure.

This issue of MONOCLE is the last to be printed in the UK. The country’s handling of its departure from the EU has made a dependable, high-quality solution elsewhere necessary, and from March onwards, MONOCLE will be printed in Germany. Underlining how much the global media brand is centring itself at the heart of continental Europe, MONOCLE is also planning to open an office in Germany, following its new European HQ, which opened in Zürich in the spring of 2018.