Portrait de femme
Peinture à l'huile 

20 cm x 20 cm 


Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas on a stretcher, framed in a shadow box by Jacques de Loustal. 

fevrier 2019 Catawiki


Loustal, who graduated from the Fine Arts School in Paris, is a comic books author and illustrator.
He exhibited his artworks in Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Geneva...
He is represented by the Huberty Breyne Gallery in Paris and Brussels. 

Loustal used the scratching technique. 

This canvas on frame measures 20 cm x 20 cm and is 2 cm high.
Loustal used the scratching technique.
A first green layer was put, and once dry, an orange layer was added.
Green shade appear by scratching the orange layer, giving relief to the canvas.

Remarkable and rare work.

This artwork is framed and measures 27 cm x 27 cm x 3'5 cm including frame. 
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Portrait de femme 1 (2012)

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