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2016 The New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar 2016
"Iconic Design, Iconic New Yorker"

The New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar 2016
New 2016 Calendars: The New Yorker and Edward Gorey
The new wall calendars for 2016 have arrived. They are probably on sale just about everywhere by now but I came across them over the weekend at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The New Yorker's 2016 entry calls itself

The New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar 2016 which is nearly as awkward to read to yourself as it is to say out loud. The calendar's cover reproduces the 2012 Innovators Issue magazine cover "The Cloud" by Bob Staake. On the calendar's back cover, we get to see the magazine describe itself as "Iconic design. Iconic New Yorker." Apparently they left out the part about humble. Calendar covers are by Mark Ulriksen, Charles E. Martin, Maira Kalman, Jacques de Loustal (april 2011) , Birgit Schössow, Adolph K. Kronengold, Garrett Price, Christoph Niemann, Eric Drooker, Arthur Getz, Jorge Colombo, and once again Bob Staake. Helpful advice is offered for those who wish to "First hang it as a calendar--then frame it as art!" Let's face it: you could do worse.

The New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar 2016

For nearly a century, the cover illustrations of The New Yorker have been renowned for their wit, artistry, and droll social commentary. The New Yorker Covers Poster Calendar offers a dozen exquisitely reproduced covers—by Christoph Niemann, Maira Kalman, Arthur Getz, and other celebrated illustrators—reflecting their eras and the magazine's signature style. Each of the calendar's pages is a work of art designed to be framed, displayed, and appreciated throughout the year and beyond.

ISBN: 9780761183297



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