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2012 South African Road Trip

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South African road trip
Genre : Carnet de voyage
Illustrations : Jacques de Loustal
Textes : Guy de la Chevalerie
Par Jacques de Loustal
L'avis des lecteurs
Parution : 25 mai 2012
Editeur: Zanpano
ISBN: 978-2-915757-28-6
EAN: 9782915757286
Tirage : 800 ex
Pages : 48 pages couleurs
Format : 246 mm x 184 mm, cartonné couverture cartonnée.
Prix public :24,00 € TTC

South African road trip
par Loustal

Invité de l’Institut français en 2011 en Afrique du sud, à l’occasion de l’année de la France, Jacques de Loustal a parcouru ce pays muni de son carnet, fusains, crayons, afin de nous en dévoiler son imaginaire. Ce livre s’inscrit dans une tradition éditoriale des carnets de voyage de Jacques de Loustal déjà publiés par de nombreux éditeurs accompagnés ici des textes de Guy de la Chevalerie.

Lord Milner Hotel

Voyager pour la première fois en terre étrangère : chaque fois, les sensations sont aiguisées,
l’oeil est neuf, avide, grand-angle. Le regard est subjectif, l’esprit poreux.

Dans le cadre de la Saison de la France en Afrique du Sud Jacques de Loustal a parcouru près
de 3.000 kilomètres à l’hiver 2011 (juillet), principalement sur les routes entre le Cap et Durban, mais également, au Cap, à Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg, Soweto et Pretoria. Ce sont
les paysages qu’il a surtout retenus pour ce carnet de voyage. Il a noué un dialogue avec des merles, des chiens, des damans et des phoques. L’homme ? Dérisoire, tout au plus quelques traces de passés plus ou moins lointains. Il faudrait dérouler le ruban de la route, suivre les fils électriques, pour vérifier s’il y a quelqu’un tout au bout.

Loustal aime les longs trajets en voiture : après des heures et des heures de route, le panorama extérieur rejoint le paysage intérieur par une espèce de phénomène de fatigue hypnotique, espace entre le déjà-vu et le jamais-vu, on perd le fil du temps. Regardez cette image, dit Dan Fialdini le sculpteur, elle est métaphysique.
Loustal n’est ni un journaliste, ni un historien, ni un poète, ce n’est ni l’actualité, ni le passé,  ni les mots, mais des images évocatrices qu’il couche sur des papiers aux grains divers, aux veines différentes.

En guise de légendes, ont été retenues quelques précisions sur la localisation de ces lieux, et
ici ou là quelques textes d’écrivains sud-africains.

In his book and exhibition South African Road Trip, internationally celebrated French illustrator and artist Jacques de Loustal gives a pictorial and poetic account of his journey through the Karoo and the picturesque coastal roads around Cape Town and the Wild Coast, made during the winter of 2011.

Words such as “minimalism”, “restraint” and “suggestion” are used to describe Loustal’s approach. His work has been seen internationally and he has done several travel diaries, sketching landscapes and people from Greece to Namibia and Morocco to Thailand.

What Loustal brings to his work is an outsider’s view capturing what we possibly do not see anymore because it has become so commonplace.

The original works will travel to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town while prints will be seen in a number of other towns and cities.

Media are invited to attend the exhibition and book launch and to meet the illustrator: 18h00, Thursday 5 July at the Alliance Française in Johannesburg.

The full schedule of Loustal exhibitions:

5 – 14 July 2012


Alliance Française, 17 Lower Park Drive, Parkview

Official opening 5 July in artist’s presence

2 – 20 July 2012


Alliance Française, 22 Sutton Crescent, Morningside

Official opening 6 July in artist’s presence

23 – 27 July 2012


World Congress of Teachers of French, Albert Luthuli ICC

6 – 25 August 2012

Port Elizabeth:

Alliance Française, 17 Mackay Street

Official opening 11 August

10 – 30 September 2012


Alliance Française, 99 River St, Sunnyside

Official opening 18 September in artist’s presence

10 – 30 September 2012

Cape Town:

Alliance Française, 155 Loop Street

Official opening 20 September in artist’s presence






photos Loustal South African road trip 2012

photos Exposition Loustal South African road trip 2012

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The full schedule of Loustal exhibitions:








Illustrated guide to a South African journey
28 SEP 2012 13:32 - BRENT MEERSMAN

Ever wonder who comes up with those extraordinary covers for the New Yorker magazine? Meet one of the creators: comic-book artist Jacques de Loustal.


Dash of French flair at festival

He may not be well known in South Africa, but he is an exemplary figure for some South Africans, such as political cartoonist Zapiro and in particular Anton Kannemeyer of Bitterkomix.

One of the French contingent of Étonnants Voyageurs at this year’s Open Book Festival, Loustal undertook a 3 000km trek around the country during the winter of 2011. His pictorial account of that journey, the South African Road Trip sketchbook, won the Soleil d’Or award at the 24th Comic Strip Festival in France in August.

Loustal is a master. Unlike many comic-book artists, he has since his early years had gallery representation and exhibitions of his work.

But he comes from a military family. “My father was [a] general in the air force. My elder brother was in the special forces; the other in submarines,” Loustal said.

One of his martial ancestors made sketches for the military at the beginning of the century. “He was in China in 1905, Mauritania, Sahara. He made a lot of watercolours [for the military] and I have tried to collect them. The only artist in the family and he died on the first day of the First World War in a plane.”

Loustal studied architecture for eight years to avoid the army. Once qualified, he could enter the civil service instead. He was stationed in Morocco. “In the beginning I drew on site, because all my first travel sketches came from the pleasure of being in new places, somewhere I didn’t know. I used to travel a lot in the Mediterranean, find a place where I could rest and feel the atmosphere, sitting somewhere; maybe I would smoke a cigarette.

“So the first books were like that, but I realised I missed very strong pictures because I couldn’t stop and draw. But [then] that was an orthodoxy of the travelogue made on location.”

Things changed when he went to Norway and Iceland. It was too cold and impossible to draw in situ. These days Loustal makes notes and takes digital photos for reference.

South African Road Trip “is the seventh … It is more a collection of drawing inspired by travels.” The inspiration this time came primarily from the landscape.

“Wide open space; big country; big sky. I like to travel in such country. The basic thing is that when I look at my photo I draw like that, the first line.” He mimes the movement. “I don’t — as in illustration — sketch, erase, resketch. It has to be like writing. So it’s full of mistakes, but it is fresh. When you travel you are free, you don’t work for a publisher’s [brief]. You return to the base of the actions of drawing.”

Loustal said drawing is a “matter of shades, of graphic construction. I look at the balance and so on. You don’t necessarily have to look at the subject. Things are revealed by the way they are lit. For illustrations you have to answer a question graphically.

“Every time I read something or someone tells me a story, instantly I see it like a movie. And that’s a problem sometimes if it’s a horrible story! I am bulimic of pictures … too many pictures; from painting, comics, photos, movies, what I see. So you have a lot of impressions, and afterwards you have an over-pressure in your mind; so you need to express.”

Road Trip is a handsome volume that captures the beauty and variety of the South African landscape, from the Karoo and the coastal seascape to the golf course, where he whimsically imagines a rhinoceros on the green. People feature as little more than ciphers fo perspective.

“The purpose of the artist is to see things that maybe not everybody sees. So you translate it and you propose this to people. I realise all the artists I like, it is their eyes, the way they see things that impresses me.”

The exhibition is at the Alliance Française, Loop Street, Cape Town, until September 30. Jacques de Loustal’s South African Road Trip is published by Zanpano, 2012